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New in NetScanner 2.9

1. Editable scan results!!!

You can now edit the scan results from NetScanner. This includes removing the devices you do not care about from the scan, and fully customize the appearance and name of your devices.

Customize the names of your devices, add custom notes:

Favorite a device to make it standout from the list:

To only show stared devices, just type an asterix (*), "favorite" or "fave" in the filter devices search box.

Change the main icon, add image and text overlay to your devices:

A large selection of brand icons, device type icons, OS icons and classification images will please both home users and people who use NetScanner inside their business.

2. Whois.

Fetch whois information for any of your scanned device IP address.

3. Stop a scan, skip devices being scanned.

Don't have the time to wait for the scan to complete, but don't want to startover? You can now just stop the scan without losing what was found so far. You also have the ability to just skip a single device that is taking too long if you please.

4. Various bug fixes and improvements.