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New in NetScanner 2.4

New (fancy) icon

NetScanner is finally getting the icon it deserves.

New report: Longest running devices and operating systems.

The new report shows what devices on your network have been running the longest. It also ranks operating systems by average uptime. Note that Up time information requires SNMP to be enabled on your devices.

SNMP help

Provide more help and information about how to enable SNMP on devices from the app. The app now links to the following page.

MAC OSX devices identification

SNMP-enabled MAC OS X devices are now identified as such. This means OSX devices will now have an OS icon overlay (the small icon at the bottom right corner of device display), the OS and "longest running devices" reports will also have entries for MAC OSX if you have any on your network.
Find out how to configure SNMP on a MAC OS X device here.

Bug fixes