NetScanner Explore your network with your iPad

Get ready to touch your network like you never did before! NetScanner welcomes network admins to the post PC-era. NetScanner is a very easy to use, beautiful and powerful network scanner for the iPad.

  • Network Reports

    Beautiful reports that summarizes what NetScanner found on your network:

    - Hardware report
    - IPAddress space usage
    - TCP ports
    - Operating Systems
    - Longest runnine devices and OS

  • Live instant charts

    Whatever NetScanner finds on your network (an open tcp port, a hard disk, aNIC, etc...) it will chart it live for you so you can instantly check how your devices are doing.

  • Third party app integration

    Launch third party apps such an SSH client or Safari web browser from NetScanner so you can easily log to your device console or access an admin web interface. Read more here.

  • Export scan results

    Export the scan results to your Dropbox folder or via email. Results can be exported in CSV and txt format.

    Sample export files:
    - device list (txt)
    - device list (csv)
    - address list (txt)
    - address list (csv)

  • Beautiful and easy to use

    Nothing can beat the experience of a native app on the iPad. Netscanner was designed from the ground up for touch and for the iPad. With NetScanner intuitive user interface, you are just a couple of taps from browsing your network.

Feedback, help and knowledge base

We would love to hear from you!

Please go to our uservoice page to leave feature request, vote on what you want added to NetScanner next releases, submit bugs and access our growing knowledge base.

Version History

Version 2.9 May 31, 2012

Requires IOS 5.1 or later. Full release notes here.

  • New Editable Scans. Remove devices from the scan, customize devices (name, icons, overlays, etc...)
  • New Ability to favorite a device.
  • New Whois. Fetch IP address whois information for scanned device.
  • New IPlizer app (IP address analyzer) integration to netscanner.
  • New Ability to stop the whole scan or just skip a device while it is being scanned w/o losing the whole results.
  • New Poll and update the status of the selected network interface in addition of drawing the bandwidth graph.
  • New Various usability improvements such as moving the right arrow buttons to the left to ease checking device details.
  • Fixed Fixed an issue that caused the scan to get stuck and never complete...
  • Fixed Other minor bugs.

Version 2.7 April 17, 2012

  • New Customizable application launch URLs.
  • New New report: DNS report.
  • New Filter out "uninteresting" network interfaces from the list of discovered interfaces on a device.
  • New Improvements to address space usage report.
  • Fixed Deletion scan icon is back.
  • Fixed Various minor issues.

Version 2.4 March 29, 2012

Requires IOS 5.1 or later. Full release notes here.

  • New Redesigned application icon
  • New New report: longest running devices, longest running OSes
  • New Support for MAC OS X device identification (using SNMP)
  • New Added SNMP help (links to help you enable SNMP on your devices)
  • Fixed Crash happening when selecting a device from the scan result page
  • Fixed Hard-disk scanner was ignoring the first hard-disk when scanning windows 7 devices

Version 2.3 March 28, 2012

Requires IOS 5.1 or later. Full release notes here.

  • New Export scan results (Dropbox/Email, CSV/TXT)
  • New Ability to launch 3rd party apps from TCP scan result pane
  • New Made list of TCP ports being scanned configurable
  • New Retina display support
  • Fixed Chart rendering issue with retina display
  • Fixed Give preference to wifi local network when iPad is connected both with 3G and wifi.

Version 2.0 March 1, 2012

Requires IOS 5.0 or later.

  • New New network reports
  • New Allows scanning by hostname
  • New Scans can now be deleted
  • Fixed Various minor issued

Version 1.1 January 2012

Requires IOS 5.0 or later.

First revision!