IPlizer IP address analyzer - Whois DNS Geo-location

IP address analyzer - whois DNS and Geo-location. Get all the data you need to know about an IP address from your iPhone or your iPad!

  • Whois

    IPlizer automatically polls the right RIR (Regional Internet Registry such as arin, ripe, lacnic, etc...) and retrieves all known information for this IP address. Whois informaton typically includes:
    - which block it belongs to
    - the organization/company the address is allocated to
    - contact information

  • Geo-location

    IPlizer uses its extensive database of ip address location and is able to pinpoint the location up to the city level in the majority of cases. IPlizer is using the GeoLite City database from MaxMind that claims a 75% coverage accuracy for city location for most countries and a 99.5% country-level accurcy.

  • DNS

    IPlizer request the PTR record to your DNS server to get the hostname associated to the IP address, if any.

  • misc

    - universal app, buy once run it on your iPhone and iPad
    - quickly pick an IP address, from your history list, your public and private IP address
    - leverages iCloud to sync your request history between your devices
    - Email all results.

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Version History

Version 1.0 May 2012

Requires IOS 5.1 or later.

First revision!